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An Appeal To Heaven 3'X5' Premium Nylon Outdoor Flag

An Appeal To Heaven 3'X5' Premium Nylon Outdoor Flag
An Appeal To Heaven 3'x5' Premium Nylon Flag
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There Is A Battle Going On!


America has changed drastically over the past 50 years and much of it has been for the worst. Please answer this question. Are You Looking for something you can do to put a stop to the dismantling of everything that is GOOD here in the USA? If your answer is YES, read the following 3 steps and JOIN US NOW in making an appeal to heaven.

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This nation was founded on Biblical principles by our founding fathers.  The difficult and miraculous journey of the birth of America started with the Pilgrims back in the 1600's and came to a wild climax with the American Revolution.

These men and women made huge sacrifices to see the dream of being able to worship God freely come true.  They were also were willing to take on the most powerful country in the world, England, so they could enjoy the benefits of being truly free. Modern history books have tried to hide this and twist these facts.

The Dilemma

Are we now so easily willing to let all this disappear before our very eyes?  If concerned Americans wait much longer, there may not be anything left to restore.

There are 3 steps that we can take to see:

1) America's Christian heritage restored.

2) Our freedoms restored without over-bearing government control,

3) The value of life restored in this country, and

4) God honored again in our classrooms, our courthouses, our businesses, and our homes.                                                    

Is America dead? No, but these 3 steps will take America off of life support and start a new season of Godly prosperity and favor.

The Answer: Step #1 - An Appeal To Heaven Flag

We invite you to discover the spiritual significance of this flag by listening to Dutch Sheets talk about  An Appeal To Heaven.

Our first step will effectively deal with 2 of the major reasons that the United States is in such bad shape. The Church has become so divided that it has lost much of its power to be the light that it was called to be. It is time for the Church to stand together against evil and injustice.  

Secondly, many have forgotten or ignored the truth that Almighty God is the source of every good gift. He is the source of our health and our happiness and our success and our protection. He is the solution to every problem we may face. Faithful prayers are the key to see Him move and heal our land.

We believe with all our hearts that there is a simple step you can take that will:

1) Create more unity and more boldness within the Church once again, and

2) Spark a united movement of prayer across America.

What Can I Do Next?

That simple first step is to get your own Liberty Tree Flag and display it outside or inside your home. When you do this, we will be able to let you know how each state is doing. Lastly, share this with your neighbors and family and church.

Why This Flag?

This flag, which is not in any American history book that we have ever seen, was  a common site on the battlefields during the American Revolution. George Washington also used this flag to fly on the first naval schooners commissioned against the British navy.

The Appeal To Heaven Flag was a reminder of the colonist's need to turn to the Lord during the revolution when they faced insurmountable odds. It was also a powerful symbol of the colonist's unity as they met under an evergreen tree in Boston to discuss and plan their response to British oppression. In addition to this, the tree represented a struggle the colonists had been having with England about harvesting pine trees.

Step #2 - Fervent Prayer

Right now, there is a growing prayer movement across America related to this flag that has been spear-headed by a man of God named Dutch Sheets. He believes that God is not finished with this nation. He believes that the Lord still has much for the Church in America to accomplish in reaching the nations for Christ.

Our family is flying this flag in front of our home and also on a wall inside our home. It is a constant visual reminder to us to make our appeal to heaven to live in a nation that honors God as it did when it was first formed. We personally believe as we live under this anointed banner, we experience the Lord's glory and presence in a special way like the Israelites did in Goshen.

Prayers filled with faith move the Lord to take action on behalf of His children. A land and people experiencing peace and prosperity are able to reach out to other nations and be Jesus' hands and feet.

Step#3 - Register and Vote

God is concerned with how a nation governs itself. Elected officials are called ministers of God in the book of Romans. Do you think this accurately describes our elected officials in Washington,DC?

This 3rd step is to put Godly people back in office and that is done by VOTING for Godly people.

Did you know that about 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christians? That basically means that Christians are responsible for the character or lack of it that is present in our government and in its actions. Our court systems have decided that it is fine to kill the unborn, to remove the Bible from our school systems, and to redefine marriage.

The institution of government is not dirty but many of the people serving having become corrupt. That is because many Christians have tossed aside the responsibility to vote and pray for our leaders.

The Next American Revolution?

If enough people will act on these 3 steps, we will see a huge turnaround in America and it will be quick. Are you ready to be one of them? This is a crucial time and we can't afford to sit back on the sidelines any longer.

Has America died? That will never happen as the Body of Christ makes a united appeal to our Heavenly Father to release His restoring mercy and grace upon America the beautiful.


Based on Songs of Solomon 6:4,10 (Awesome as an army with banners) and Isaiah 11:12 ; 13:2 (Lifting up a banner for the nations), we are looking for Captains who will be willing to give a premium outdoor flag to 1 other person who wants to Take A Stand for America. All you need to do is order a 2nd flag.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Hope N Him Ministries